Wild Boar Hunting Changes (SK)

The government of Saskatchewan amended its wildlife and stray animals regulations to make it easier to hunt wild boar in Saskatchewan (no license needed). See the story here.  Some points of clarification from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment regarding these changes:

Wild boar are no longer considered a stray animal under The Stray Animals Regulations and therefore RM permission is no longer required to pursue or kill them. Permission is still required to enter onto posted land and all hunters are advised to seek landowner permission on any private land.

Wild boar are classed as unprotected wildlife and as such do not have established hunting seasons. There are no limits on the number of wild boar you can kill.

Non-residents of Saskatchewan cannot legally hunt escaped feral wild boar in the province. Under the Wildlife Regulations, only Saskatchewan residents are allowed to hunt escaped wild boar.

Saskatchewan residents are allowed to hunt escaped feral wild boar during a big game season. A valid big game hunting license is not required. However, a person pursuing wild boar is not allowed to accompany a big game hunter.

Similar to retrieval requirements for big game animals, an atv or motor vehicle will be allowed to retrieve legally shot feral wild boar including on Fish & Wildlife Development Fund lands, provided that the shortest and/or least impacting route is used to access the kill.

All safety regulations apply while hunting escaped feral wild boar, such as obtaining landowner consent to hunt within 500 meters of a building, stockade or corral occupied by people or livestock, hunting at night or chasing with a vehicle. It is unlawful to use a spotlight to hunt any wildlife.

On Private or Leased Land – with landowner permission, bait can be placed to attract wild boar. Baiting for wild boar is not allowed on un occupied Crown Land including Provincial Forests, and Provincial Parks.

The Ministry of Environment has classed escaped wild boar as an invasive and unprotected species and any resident may kill a wild boar within a Provincial Forest or on un-occupied Crown Land.

Wild boar cannot be pursued or killed in a Provincial Park or Wildlife Management Units unless a hunting season is in effect and the person holds a valid big game license for that season.